RediBreeze Oral Irrigator Review

RediBreeze is an oral irrigator manufactured in America by Oral Breeze, a veteran owned company. It is an appliance to be used over the bathroom sink without the noise and bulky water tank of an electric flosser. No one will hear you using it. It is neatly placed beside your faucet, taking up almost no space at your countertop. It is an oral irrigation system permanently attached to the faucet. It works with water pressure, therefore offering the aforementioned advantages. It is always there, ready to be used.


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It offers everything regular electric irrigators have to offer. It is highly recommended for people wearing braces and other dental work, as it dislodges food debris from hard to reach places, as well as between teeth, giving you a fresh breath. It is also ideal for periodontal pockets, as it gets under the gumline. It clears lose plaque preventing it from forming tartar, which can only be removed by oral care professionals. It is great in fighting gum disease and bleeding gums. It removes bacteria attached to gum tissue to assist healing, without hurting the gums, since irrigation pressure is regulated simply by adjusting the pressure of your faucet.

The RediBreeze package consists of a female attachment and a brass M/M adaptor which fits almost all faucets (standard US plumbing 15/16″- 27×55/64″-27 inside/outside thread, 13/16 with included adapter).

Continuing with it’s incredible commitment to custom service, the company encourages potential customers to make contact in case of a specialty sized faucet adaptor. We’re glad to see Oral Breeze continues to be an amazing company with great products (check out our reviews of the QuickBreeze and the ShowerBreeze).


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A chrome plated brass valve comes between the faucet attachment and the hose holder. The valve allows you to switch between Redibreeze and the faucet operation, quickly and effectively without detaching the hose holder, making the device particularly convenient. It includes a 24’’ hose ending in a tip holder, as well as two same size dentist-recommended fan spray tips (one green and one yellow). There are replacement tips available in the market.

The RediBreeze irrigator has a long life expectancy, as its valve is constructed of chrome-plated brass, preventing it from leaks and wear. It comes with detailed set up instructions and usage manual. The installation does not require any tools. It has a manufacturer’s 30-day money back guarantee from OralBreeze. The company also provides customers with an 800 help line to answer questions regarding installation and/or usage.

The product has over 400 customer reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating.

Over 300 satisfied customers gave it a 5 star rating for being compact, simple and easy to use. Water temperature and pressure can be easily regulated through the faucet. Most praise the fact that it takes up very little space. Many also refer to it as ideal for children. However, a small percentage is dissatisfied with the fact that is does not provide the opportunity to use mouthwash or other solvents with it (if you get a unit with a water basin, you can mix in or add these things). Most remaining complaints have to do with installation issues and the fact that the adaptor comes off rather easily. Nevertheless, the product overall seems to be a good, inexpensive alternative to bulky, electric water flossers.

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