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Flossing has always been a chore for me, and I know it is one of those things that nearly everyone wants to do, but many people simply don’t.  Even if you do floss regularly and never miss a session, it can be a pain.    It isn’t necessarily a fun activity — it can be downright painful and messy at times — but it’s the only way.  Or is it?

When I heard about water flossers, I just had to try them out and see for myself if they really did work as well as normal flossing and if they actually felt any better. Well, I was shocked. They do, indeed, work just as well as dental floss (actually, I would say they work better for the most part), they really aren’t that expensive, and they are so much easier on the mouth in terms of usability and comfort.

I hope you find what you’re looking for and get the best water flosser you can find with our help!

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