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October 2015 Giveaway: ToiletTree Professional Portable Water Flosser

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Background and Rules

For the past several months, we have given away one of our best water flossers from WaterFlosserHQ’s selection of high-quality dental health devices.  We enjoy connecting with customers and ensuring they have the best tools to promote dental health.  By featuring one water flosser per month, we try to show that the best oral irrigator for you may be a matter of which product you are most motivated to use.

Rules: The winner will have 30 days to claim their prize from the time of the emailed announcement by sending their contact information through this link.  The winner must include their full name, mailing address, and phone number.  The subject line should read “Monthly Giveaway Winner” and email must match the one provided during initial registration to qualify.  WaterFlosserHQ retains the exclusive right to make final decisions regarding this site and its giveaway program.

September 2015 Giveaway: OralBreeze QuickBreeze

The QuickBreeze is a simple, but versatile solution!  The QuickBreeze never runs out of water and the pressure varies according to how much you open the faucet.  The experience is smooth and fresh, without potentially jarring pulsations.  It’s small enough to carry with you in case you want to relocate it to another sink.  It features durable chrome metal adapters (not plastic), a flexible hose, two flosser tips, and a stick-on holder.  the QuickBreeze is a diamond in the rough of water flossers.  Read our full review here.

Congratulations: Farah from New Zealand!

August 2015 Giveaway: OralBreeze ShowerBreeze

There are few things better on a busy morning than saving time on your dental health routine.  The OralBreeze ShowerBreeze provides a way for you to clean your teeth while showering!  It has a high-quality selector valve that is easy to install and use.  The feeling of using it is smooth since it doesn’t pulse.  Since it’s attached to the tap, you never run out of warm water for this oral irrigator in the middle of cleaning your teeth!  Read our full ShowerBreeze review here.

Congratulations: Carol from Nashville, Tennessee!

July 2015 Giveaway: ToiletTree Portable Water Flosser (2015 edition)

We love the ToiletTree Portable Water Flosser!  Surprisingly versatile with it’s three cleaning modes (normal, soft, & pulse), powerful for a portable cordless water flosser, it makes teeth and gums feel fresh within seconds of use.  It comes with a USB charging cable which facilitates better dental health anywhere in the world which has outlet adapters (or laptops) with USB ports.  It’s large, easy-to-fill reservoir and pulsing water cleaning action make it a pleasure to use.  Read our full review here.

Congratulations: Adrian from Cheltenham, United Kingdom!

June 2015 Giveaway: OralBreeze QuickBreeze

The QuickBreeze is elegant in its simplicity!  It’s as powerful as you need it to be (since it’s powered by your sink’s water pressure), and the sensation is as smooth as silk.  It features durable chrome metal adapters (not plastic), a flexible hose, two flosser tips, and a stick-on holder.  Read our full review here.

Congratulations: Kerry from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA!

May 2015 Giveaway: Waterpik Aquarius

The Waterpik Aquarius is the star of the counter-top water flossers we review.  With 10 pressure settings, 7 custom cleaning tips, a 90-second easy-to-fill reservoir, an on-off button on the handle, built-to-last construction, and an overall amazing cleaning experience, it’s hard to go wrong when purchasing the Aquarius!  Read our full review here.

Congratulations: Frances from Texas, USA!