ToiletTree Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator With High Capacity Water Tank Review (2015)



ToiletTree seems to be a company that is committed to continually improving their products.  The newest model (2015) gives customers Lithium Ion Batteries, an easy to fill water tank, a quieter motor, and a tip release button.  We were impressed with the 2013 version which added a larger water tank and free upgrades from the previous version.


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Lithium Ion batteries are a great improvement over the Ni-Cad batteries of yesteryear.  The new Lithium Ion batteries are designed to last much longer and deliver more power than the previous version.  The unit also has a charging light to indicate the level of charge remaining.  There’s no published estimate on how much longer a charge will last, but this change will be a welcome improvement nonetheless.

The easy fill water tank will help for those situations where you just need more water, such as when you have bridges, implants, braces, or just want enjoy the feeling of extra clean teeth and gums.  Since it is a larger capacity tank, there will be fewer delays in maintaining the refreshing flow of water.  The easy fill water tank is designed with a wide opening at the back.  Pop it open, fill, and you’re back in business.

The third upgrade is a quieter motor.  The company estimates it is 68% quieter than before.  Another way to put it is that it’s less than a third as loud as before.  This should be a noticeable change from the previous model.  This change alone should make the new ToiletTree cordless water flosser a must try item.

Last on the list of improvements is a tip release button.  Previously, customers had to pull with considerable force to remove a cleaning tip.  Now, there’s a better way.  Press the tip release button, and the tip will slide out easily.  This is a great feature for couples who are sharing the same oral irrigator.

As before, the ToiletTree Oral Irrigator is a great way to promote overall dental health.  It is designed to get where toothbrushes and floss cannot reach — into the pockets below the gum line.  This alone may be useful in reducing bacteria levels which cause bad breath.  The ToiletTree can also dislodge trapped food between implants, bridges, or other dental appliances.

The three pressure settings: normal, soft, and pulse are adequate for most people.  If you want more options, you may want to upgrade to the Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius which has ten pressure settings.  The ToiletTree now comes in black and white color options.

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It’s great to know that ToiletTree takes their customer service seriously and is constantly improving their products.  The overwhelming majority of the 1600+ reviews on Amazon are positive.  If the customers’ responses are any indication, this is a high quality product worth your consideration.  This is a unit that will not take up a lot of room, has many recent improvements, and will be perfect for your home and travel needs.

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