Waterpik WP72 Classic Professional Review

It seems like it doesn’t matter what you do – every year, when you go in for your annual dental checkup, the dental hygienist will chastise your flossing. Flossing is an essential part of oral hygiene, but it can also be very difficult to do correctly – especially with the classic string floss. While water flossers such as the Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser are not a replacement for string floss (the two mechanisms work quite differently when it comes to their methods of plaque and bacteria removal), they are incredibly effective at removing plaque. In fact, in three seconds of water flossing up to 99.9% of plaque is removed from the teeth and gums. At a very affordable price of $49.99 on Amazon, the Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser is a cost-effective dental tool that will help to maintain oral hygiene and prevent future oral health complications.

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Who is the Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser intended for?

The Waterpik classic is a tool that can be used by everyone, regardless of their current dental health. However, it is of particular interest to those who have dental conditions that currently complicate their daily routines such as orthodontic interventions. As well, the Waterpik classic is set apart because it is designed with a specialty reservoir intended for antimicrobial rinses. These rinses are perfect for helping to combat gum disease or periodontal pockets, and can make a significant difference in treatment.

What are the health benefits of the Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser?

This device makes a significant difference in the amount of plaque removed during routine dental cleaning. The Waterpik Classic boasts an impressive three-fold increase in plaque removal around braces when compared to string floss alone. Similarly, clinical trials have demonstrated a significant increase in gum health around dental implants. The Waterpik Classic also works to make sure bacteria is removed from both teeth and the gumline. Waterpik really believes in their product – they offer a guarantee on users achieving healthier gums within 14 days of beginning to use this product regularly.

What sets the Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser Apart?

The design of the Waterpik Classic is perfect for those who do not want an overly fussy professional water flosser. This design has a high-volume reservoir that boasts a 90-second water capacity when set at the maximum level of water pressure. Six different settings allow the water pressure to be adjusted directly from the handle – making it efficient to switch between them depending on the area being cleaned. Three tips are included with purchase of the product, including two classic jet tips (so multiple people will be able to make use of this device) as well as a single Pik Pocket Tip which helps to target the water stream below the gumline in order to fight bacteria that is often missed by toothbrushes or string floss. The additional reservoir for antimicrobial rinses is another bonus feature that showcases Waterpik’s dedication to promoting excellent gum health. A two-year warranty is offered on the Waterpik Classic.

How User-Friendly is the Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser?

The Waterpik Classic offers considerably fewer options than many of the other water flossers currently available – there are only six power settings and three tips available. The inherent simplicity of this design, however, makes up for the fewer choices available, especially as it does not affect the quality of the Waterpik Classic’s cleaning ability. This model does offer 360 degree tip rotation, which ensures that all areas of the mouth can be cleaned, no matter how difficult they may be to access with string floss. Users can even use their favorite mouthwash instead of water in the reservoir, for an extra clean sensation. As well, the secondary reservoir specifically for antimicrobial rinses is an added bonus for those particularly concerned about an existing gum condition.

How do customers feel about the Waterpik Classic Professional Water Flosser?

Customers have had very few complaints about their experiences with the Waterpik Classic. Instead, reviews overflow with testimonies about the incredible differences that the Waterpik has made in their oral health through daily cleaning sessions. These comments are echoed especially by those with braces or dental implants.

The design of the Waterpik is angled more towards function than fashion although the unit is unassuming, and will blend in well on most bathroom counters. The larger reservoir is very useful for extended cleaning sessions, and has other unexpected benefits as well – many users enjoy that the larger reservoir can be inverted and placed over the rest of the unit, protecting it from dust or other contamination. Set up is easy, and a guide is included with the packaging to ensure that users do not have any difficulty using the product immediately after a short calibration. The unit is easy to clean and maintain, although it does not have a separate cover for the reservoir, so it is necessary to empty it after each use in order to prevent dust from landing in the water.

The only caveats that were expressed by users were quite minor – some found that the Waterpik Classic was slightly more noisy than they had anticipated, although they quickly adjusted to the volume. Others noted that the pause button on the handle could sometimes be difficult to fully depress, causing some water to continue to spray out.

Some users do find that they have had superior water flossers in the past in regards to sheer power, however they readily admit that the Waterpik Classic is a smaller-budget model, and that for the much-reduced price it offers excellent results. The ease of use of the Waterpik is also something that users are enamored with – there are no complications involved with using it.

These issues are minor, however, especially given the low price of this unit! User after user expressed their amazement at how effective the Waterpik classic was the first time they used it, and the improved health of their teeth and gums at their next dental appointment.

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