What did Waterpik change when they went from the Waterpik Ultra to the Waterpik Aquarius?  The detailed videos below show the major differences.  Overall, I feel that the Aquarius is a big upgrade, although there are some features of the Ultra that I will miss.  Which wins the WP-660 vs WP-100 competition in your judgment?

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser best water flosser

The Waterpik Ultra WP-100 has been a solid performer which has proven itself for years.  It’s ability to clean your gumline and function reliably are hard to beat.  The Ultra has some really cool features that are not found on the Aquarius.  These include:

  • Tip holder in the lid
  • Pause button
  • More flexible cord
  • Larger holder for the handle
  • Sturdier, more substantial feel

The Waterpik Ultra stores them all tips in the handy lid travel case and includes a tongue scraper.  This is a very thoughtful feature that keeps your countertop clear of clutter.  After all, I love improving my dental health, but I’d rather keep things looking clean as well.

Originally, I thought that the Aquarius’ on/off switch on the handle would be a clear winner over the Ultra’s pause button, but in practice, the pause button may be easier at times.  So that feature is more of a preference issue.  However, the improved power button is much easier to use on the Aquarius than on the Ultra.

Overall, the Waterpik Ultra is still a strong contender in my book.  The Aquarius still comes out on top in my view, but I wouldn’t fault anyone for saying they want to stick with their Ultra.

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The Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 is the new standard by which other water flossers must measure themselves.  It has a new lightweight design and several improved features.  One thing I will say upfront is that I disagree with the reviewer’s impression in the video above — the Aquarius may feel lightweight, but it is definitely a high-quality, built-to-last item.  The Aquarius improves upon the Ultra in several important ways:

  • The ability to easily turn the tip 360 degrees while in use
  • The on/off button
  • More compact form
  • Additional tip
  • Massage mode feature
  • Improved power button
  • Built-in 30-second timer
  • Easy tip removal slider
  • Storage for 2 tips

I definitely miss the Ultra’s tip holder in the Aquarius.  Although it comes with 7 tips, there’s no place to store them all — unless you want to buy the inexpensive extra tip holder accessory.

Overall, my preference leans strongly toward the Aquarius over the Ultra.  I like the surprisingly small form factor and its versatility.  The Waterpik Aquarius is a powerful water flosser — one that sets the bar high among its competitors.

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Whether you choose the Waterpik Ultra WP-100 or the Waterpik Aquarius WP-660, you’ve made a great choice to improve your periodontal health.  Both have been shown in studies to rival or beat regular flossing.  They’re also a lot more fun to use, in my opinion.

The main thing is that you take action today.  I have found my investment in using water flosser technology to be tremendously worthwhile.  I trust you will have a similar experience.