Oral-B Precision 5000 Review

While brushing and flossing may be a conscientious part of your everyday routine, you may not be doing everything you can for your oral health. While traditional toothbrushes and string floss do make a significant impact on plaque removal, electric toothbrushes such as the Oral-B Precision 5000 have the ability to maintain and improve your tooth and gum health. These toothbrushes may be more expensive than the $3 one you would pick up at the grocery store (even with a steep discount from Amazon.com, you are still looking at just over $100), but the security you will feel in your oral health – not to mention the avoidance of future dental bills! – is worth every penny.

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Who is the Oral-B Precision 5000 Intended For?

This electric rechargeable power toothbrush is an excellent choice for many people. The Oral-B brand is widely respected in the dental health care community – in fact, it is the most recommended brand of toothbrush worldwide. Those who are looking for a daily-use electric toothbrush, an electric toothbrush targeted for sensitive teeth/gums, an electric toothbrush with a focus on tooth whitening, a mechanism that will allow for gum massages, or those hoping for a deep clean will all find a mode on the Oral-B Precision 5000 that fits their needs. This product is not recommended for children or others who may have difficulty using it properly unless they are supervised by a caregiver.

What are the health benefits of using the Oral-B Precision 5000?

Electric toothbrushes, especially those of a higher caliber such as this model, offer several health benefits that may not be achieved through traditional brushing and flossing (although flossing remains an important component of your daily routine!). The Oral-B Precision 5000 has been found to remove up to 99.7% of plaque when set to its ‘Deep Clean’ mode. This plaque removal is possible even in areas that are harder to access, and harder to clean properly with a traditional toothbrush.

What sets the Oral-B Precision 5000 apart?

The Oral-B Precision 5000 has an incredible array of settings and features that ensure everyone will be able to find the brushing style most suited to their individual needs. This model provides 40 000 and 8 800 oscillations per minute, guaranteeing significant plaque removal on each use. The base station charges the toothbrush easily, a charge-level display shows you exactly how much battery power remains – each charge is expected to last for approximately ten days. A travel toothbrush case is also provided so that you don’t have to leave your electric toothbrush at home if you are travelling for work or pleasure. Multiple attachment brush heads are available for this toothbrush, including those specific to tooth whitening (Pro White Brush Head), interdental cleaning (Oral-B FlossAction Brush Head), and sensitive teeth/gums (Oral-B Sensitive Brush Head). A timer that doubles as a digital clock is included, and a 2-year limited warranty is offered. Additionally, if you are unhappy with the purchase within 60 days of purchase, a full refund is offered.

How User-Friendly is the Oral-B Precision 5000?

The design of the Oral-B Precision 5000 was obviously created with the customer in mind. Each part of this electric toothbrush demonstrates an attention to detail that streamlines daily use of the toothbrush, as well as its long-term use. A 2-minute timer is included with the purchase of this model, and has 30-second intervals that help you to use your brushing time most efficiently. The five distinct brushing modes, as well as the interchangeable brush heads provide ample opportunity for individual users to target the toothbrush for the oral healthcare issues that concern them the most. A pressure sensor cleverly acts to stop the toothbrush’s pulses if it senses too much pressure being applied. Lastly, each brush head has Oral-B indicator bristles that fade over time in order to remind you to replace your brush head every three months.

>>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.com<<

How do Customers feel about the Oral-B Precision 5000?

Those who have tried the Oral-B Precision 5000 offer very few criticisms – there are 1403 Amazon reviews, and it maintains an average of 4.5 stars! This model is the top-of-the-line for Oral-B, so it really does offer almost anything anyone could ask of an electric toothbrush. Many customers found that the battery indicator was one of their favourite features – no guessing was required as to whether or not they would run out of charge while away from home. The deep clean setting is enjoyed by those who suffer from gum issues and significant plaque buildup.

The only concerns expressed by users tended to focus on the size of the brush head, as it is too large for some users to access their back molars easily (although the brush head is smaller than those of competing brands), and the strength of the pulsations are startling for those who have not previously used an electric toothbrush. Other users caution that a converter is necessary for those who plan on taking their Oral-B Precision 5000 on trips to Europe, as the included charger is 110V only. Some customers have also found that the battery in their electric begins to falter after several months. The battery is not unfortunately not replaceable, but the limited 2-year warranty often covers these issues.

One of the things to consider about the higher price tag is that a similar quality of tooth cleaning is available on some of Oral-B’s lower-tier models. The extra cost associated with the Oral-B Precision 5000 enables users to enjoy the bells and whistles of electric toothbrush technology – the screen that indicates both the timer and battery life, the five separate modes for specific dental hygiene requirements, and increased travel time. It is probably worth some consideration about your dental needs and preferences before you decide which Oral-B model you would like to purchase, although you will not find anything more luxe than the Oral-B Precision 5000.

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