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Conair WJ3CSR Interplak Dental Water Jet Review

Avoiding plaque buildup can be difficult – string floss can be difficult to manipulate, especially if orthodontics or other dental work gets in the way! Over the last few decades high-performance water jets have been supplementing traditional flossing, and making a big impact in the amount of plaque and bacteria removed from users’ teeth and gums. Unfortunately, many of these devices are too large to be truly portable – they require a certain amount of counter space as well as a conveniently located electrical socket. These constraints are rarely issues at home, but can become issues when traveling. Thankfully, portable water jets such as the battery-operated Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet ensure that users will be able to be confident in their dental hygiene whether they are at home, work, or traveling the world.

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Who is the Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet Intended For?

This model is ideal for anyone who is often on-the-go. The only power required for the Interplak Dental Water Jet is three AA batteries – easily purchased almost anywhere, ensuring that you will never be left stranded. Using a device like this is recommended for most people – using a water jet does not replace string floss, but instead complements it, as the two methods achieve plaque-removal in different ways. However, those with orthodontics, sensitive gums, or other dental modifications may find this item especially beneficial. The device itself sells for a suggested retail price of $32.99 USD – well within the budgets of most individuals, especially given the importance of good dental hygiene for overall health.

What are the health benefits of using the Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet?

There are many health benefits associated with the increased plaque and bacteria removal facilitated by using an electronic water jet as part of a daily tooth-care regimen. By focusing on the spaces between teeth and just below the gum line it is possible to reverse gingivitis and prevent gum disease and cavities. While other, larger, models are more effective in these respects, the portability of this model allows for this more extensive dental cleaning to occur no matter the user’s location. By facilitating regular water jet cleaning in even the most frequently traveling individuals, this smaller battery-powered model ensures that bacteria and plaque are removed even during vacation.

What sets the Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet apart?

The Interplak Dental Water Jet is unique in its portability and ease of use. Its design prioritizes functionality and portability, resulting in a minimalistic product with a sleek design. The price of this model, as well as its reliance on easily-replaced AA batteries make it hard to beat for effectiveness. A limited single-year warranty is also included in this price, as are two color-coded jet tips.

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How User-Friendly is the Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet?

Without the bells and whistles that are often found on the more expensive outlet-powered water jet cleaners, the Interplak Dental Water Jet is very self-explanatory. It offers two different power settings for the water flow (high and low), which are easily switched between on the handle of the mechanism. The reservoir has an open top and water-level markings, making refills and cleaning a breeze. The hose for the Interplak is three feet long, giving the user plenty of freedom with their movements. An easily-accessed on/off switch is prominently located on the body of the machine. The main compartment of the machine is cleverly designed to hold the extra tips and the hose – especially handy when traveling!

How do customers feel about the Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet?

The Interplak Dental Water Jet receives mixed reviews from users. While the initial price of this product is very attractive, users note that it goes through batteries rapidly, which can add up over the passing of several months. Additionally, as the batteries wear it is common for the Interplak’s pressure to reduce noticeably, which can be an issue for those who want a reliable clean every time. One solution to this problem is to invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger for them – this can greatly decrease the cost associated with using the Interplak Dental Water Jet regularly.

Users have also found that the water stream is considerably less effective than full-sized models. This means that while the Interplak Dental Water Jet is useful at times when it is impractical to have a full-sized machine, it may not be the best choice for every-day use if you hope to see significant results in your dental health. Other users found that after several months of use, some of the compartments (including the battery compartment) may not close as firmly as you may desire.

When compared to other models in a comparable price range, the multi-piece design of the Interplak Dental Water Jet holds its own, especially as it greatly decreases the amount of work required to refill the water reservoir or to clean the unit. The unit itself is definitely tiny enough to pack in a suitcase, and the use of batteries instead of a wall-outlet means that it can be used even in countries with a different power system than your own. The decreased size does mean that the reservoir may not hold enough water for a thorough cleaning – some users suggest leaving the reservoir under a slowly-running tap for the duration of your tooth cleaning in order to ensure that you are not interrupted.

Certainly, as a way to test out your personal interest in water jet products or as an accessory for travel, the price for the Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet can’t be beat, and the results are more than satisfactory. As well, while the size may seem awkwardly small for an adult to use regularly this may be an ideal way to help your child maintain their dental health – the smaller size is perfect for tiny hands.

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