H2Oral Irrigator Review

Having excellent oral hygiene is important, but it can also take a lot of work and commitment. This can seem daunting, and is often one of the reasons that people fail to follow through on their dentists’ recommendations to brush twice a day and floss almost as often. Adding another step to that routine can seem daunting, but the fact of the matter is that often just brushing and flossing is the bare minimum for ensuring continued tooth and gum health. New Water-based flossing methods are becoming more popular, but as an additional process it can be hard for some people to take the plunge and purchase one. The H2Oral Irrigator is unique, because it is a product that adds virtually no time to your morning or evening routine… because you use it while you are in the shower!

h2oral irrigator

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Who is the H2Oral Irrigator Intended For?

The H2Oral Irrigator is the perfect product for those without serious oral health issues who want to increase the results they get from their daily dental-care routine without significantly increasing the time it takes to do so. At only $22.95 (or less if you buy through Amazon), this irrigator is a cost-effective way to try out water-based floss mechanisms. Those with additional dental concerns or hoping for detailed cleaning of orthodontics may want to pass on this one, or use it in addition to a model that can be used in front of a mirror.

What are the health benefits of using the H2Oral Irrigator?

There are many health benefits associated with the increased plaque and bacteria removal facilitated by using water jet devices as part of a daily tooth-care regimen. By focusing the stream of water on the spaces between teeth and just below the gum line it is possible to reverse gingivitis and prevent gum disease and cavities. The convenience of this product makes it less likely for users to skip over its use in favor of “saving time” – and by performing this procedure regularly the health benefits are greatly increased.

What sets the H2Oral Irrigator Apart?

There’s no denying that the most impressive part of this product is its innovative design. After all, in a world obsessed with saving time wherever you can, the H2Oral Irrigator is a lifesaver! Unlike most other water jet devices, the H2Oral Irrigator does not require any electrical power (either wall outlet or batteries) in order to function. Likewise, it does not require any counter space or extensive cleaning. Instead, it attaches directly to any shower head, and utilizes the existing water pressure to function. Four separate heads with individual colors are included so that the entire family can maintain their tooth and gum health. A lifetime warranty promises demonstrates that the company is dedicated to their “satisfaction guaranteed” policy.

>>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.com<<

How User-Friendly is the H2Oral Irrigator?

Having an oral hygiene device in your shower might seem a little unorthodox, but the H2Oral Irrigator has been designed to ease your transition. The hose attaches to nearly any shower head, and the pick itself has a six foot long tube – making it incredibly versatile for use at any height. Installation itself involves only four steps, although some caution does need to be taken to ensure that the plastic attachment does not strip the threads of the shower pipe. This product also eliminates any concerns about the mess that can come with counter top water flossing products – any water that sprays around is contained within the shower and easily cleaned up. The hand held portion of the device has a nozzle to adjust the pressure of the water stream, so no matter the strength of your shower you will be able to easily adjust the stream coming into contact with your gums.

How do customers feel about the H2Oral Irrigator?

Reviews from those who have used the H2Oral Irrigator are overwhelmingly positive. The few cautionary suggestions come from those who had difficulty avoiding damage to the threads on their shower pipe/shower head, and others who warn that this product may not be as effective as the more expensive counter top models. From an aesthetic point of view, some do find that the brightly colored plastic nozzles are a bit juvenile for adult use. Lastly, some users did struggle with their individual shower systems due to incompatibilities with their shower head or household water pressure – but these problems were few and far between.

Aside from these few experiences, most users of the H2Oral Irrigator have found that it has greatly aided them as they attempt to improve or maintain their oral health and hygiene. For some, the practicality of having it directly in the shower where there is no need for additional clean-up or filling up reservoirs was revolutionary. Others love that it allows them to keep their bathroom counters clutter-free – especially helpful if the bathroom is one that guests use often.

Additionally, it can be very freeing to have a product that does not run off of electricity and that has only a few components to the entire mechanism. The likelihood of breaks in the body itself is very small, and given the H2Oral Irrigator’s low price and lifelong warranty, even in the event of a break the customer will not be left high and dry. This product is especially helpful when it comes to children, as they often find the fun of cleaning their teeth in the shower very motivating.

The H2Oral Irrigator is more than a novelty, however. Users find that using it for just a minute or two every day makes their mouths feel as clean as a trip to the dentist. Individuals with braces find that it easily dislodges food from behind brackets and wires. Many who have tried the H2Oral Irrigator report that their dentists and dental hygienists have noticed a change in gum health at their next appointment after beginning to use this model. Given the low price of this product, the ease with which it is installed, and the convenience of being able to use it while in the shower, this is one of the lowest-risk purchases for those interested in trying out a water-based flossing system.

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