Conair Interplak Classic Water Jet Review

When it comes to dental care there are all kinds of options for helping you to fight the battle against plaque and bacteria. One of the things to keep in mind is that there is no single strategy that will magically fix all of your dental hygiene problems – it is a combination of devices and techniques that make the largest impact. If you are currently brushing your teeth regularly and using string dental floss, you likely have teeth and gums that are in decent shape. The best way to take them to the next level of cleanliness is by making use of a electronic water-based cleaning system, such as the Conair Interplak Classic Water Jet.

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Who is the Conair Interplak Classic Water Jet Intended For?

The truth is that there are very few people who would not benefit from an increased level of attention when it comes to dental care. The Classic Water Jet is an excellent tool for reaching areas that are hard to access with a toothbrush or string dental floss, and/or underneath the gum line. The Classic Water Jet may provide an even greater advantage for those with additional difficulties in easy tooth cleaning such as braces, implants, or crowns. The suggested retail price is $34.99 USD, a reasonable price tag for those who may not be certain about investing in a more expensive model. However, you can usually find it for even cheaper on

What are the health benefits of using the Conair Interplak Classic Water Jet?

Using only lukewarm water, or your personal favorite mouthwash if preferred, the Conair Interplak Classic Water Jet is able to make a significant impact on several common dental conditions. By using this product, it is quite likely that your next dental appointment will be free of any lectures on flossing or proper brushing. There are many health benefits associated with the increased plaque and bacteria removal facilitated by using an electronic water jet as part of a daily tooth-care regimen. By focusing on the spaces between teeth and just below the gum line it is possible to reverse gingivitis and prevent gum disease and cavities.

What sets the Conair Interplak Classic Water Jet apart?

The base of the system is quite small, measuring 5 ¼” by 3 ¾”, making it unobtrusive on most bathroom surfaces. Some have even found that the unit is small enough to be useful when traveling domestically for on-the-go tooth cleanings. Seven different water-pressure settings ensure that each user can achieve the level of clean that they desire. A three-foot hose allows for freedom of movement, while five included jet tips allow multiple users to use the system while also providing specialized tip options for those with orthodontics. A limited two-year warranty is included with the purchase of a Classic Water Jet.

How User-Friendly is the Conair Interplak Dental Water Jet?

This model does an excellent job of walking the line between customizable settings and a user-friendly interface. The body of the machine features two dials – one for turning the machine on and off, and a second to switch between seven different pressure settings. An easy to fill ten-ounce water reservoir works perfectly with water, mouthwash or dental rinse, depending on the user’s preference. The Interplak Classic Water Jet is easy to clean, and has a lid on the reservoir to ensure that the water being stored is not contaminated by dust or other airborne particles. As well as an included instruction booklet, the Conair Interplak website also offers a detailed video summary of how to calibrate and use your new Interplak Classic Water Jet.

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How do customers feel about the Conair Interplak Classic Water Jet?

Customers; responses to this model often depend on their pre-existing expectations. While this is an incredibly effective machine, it is still at the lower end of the price scale at only $34.99 USD (or lower if you buy from Amazon). Those expecting the powerful water stream of more expensive models may be disappointed in the maximum setting on the Classic Water Jet. If, however, you have not used a system like this before you may find that the weaker water pressure will be all that your gums can handle, as often it takes a while to build tolerance to the intensity of water streams set to high. There are some mentions of the machine being slightly more noisy than expected as well, but the noise level is easily adjusted to over time.

Other concerns focusing on the size of the reservoir mention that it is often difficult to complete a cleaning without pausing to refill. This can be frustrating at times, but as the unit is relatively simple to refill the process does not interfere with the usability of the product. The two-year warranty has come in handy for some reviewers who have had to exchange more than one model after only a month or so of use. Something to remember, as well, is that it is impossible to merely exchange or replace parts of the machine – the entire machine will need to be replaced if something goes wrong.

Aside from the concerns regarding pressure, customers have been largely satisfied with the actual results of the product in cleaning their teeth and gums, especially after consistent daily use. The Conair Interplak Classic Water Jet has had significant results with regards to the overall “clean feeling” of users’ mouths, has aided in reversing gum recession and results have impressed many dentists and dental hygienists. Those with braces find it exceptionally helpful in removing food particles from hard-to-reach hiding places around brackets and wires. The clean design, compact size, and unbelievably low price of this unit (especially with the several options it allows users to choose between) is hard to beat, so it may be worth putting up with the minor inconveniences those switching from a more expensive model have found issue with.

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