What is the Best Electric Flosser?

Below we have written an article outlining what to look for in an electric flosser, including some tips and recommendations. However, if you’re just interested in the absolute best of the best, we’ve chosen a top water unit and a top air unit and linked to their Amazon pages, where you can find them for the absolute cheapest prices online.

The Best Electric Water Flosser

The Best Electric Air Flosser

Flossing is very important in maintaining good oral health and if it is not part of your daily routine you are at risk for a number of health conditions. However, string flossing can be difficult and time consuming. A great alternative to traditional flossing is an electric flosser. Electric water flossers use a jet of pressurized water to clean between teeth and under the gum line in as little as 60 seconds. Besides being a much easier cleaning method, these devices are also found to be very effective.

There are two types of electric oral irrigators:

  1. Countertop oral irrigators
  2. Cordless oral irrigators

Countertop flossers require a power outlet. They have large water reservoirs that fit enough water for multiple uses, although the tank should be emptied and cleaned thoroughly every day to avoid bacterial growth. The reservoir connects to the handle by a flexible tube and can be filled with mouthwash and/or medicinal solutions instead of water. The flow of the liquid can be adjusted by a setting located either on the unit of the handle. Waterpik offers a wide variety of such models.

Cordless irrigators are often powered by a rechargeable battery. Their reservoir is built in the handle, so as you understand, it is significantly smaller. However, they are much lighter and much more compact so they are very convenient for regular travel and they don’t take up much countertop space. They do lack in power when compared to their counter equivalent models and have less pressure variety, especially when their battery is dying. One of the most popular cordless models is the Philips Sonicare AirFloss.

There are several issues to consider when you are thinking of purchasing an electric flosser.

First of all, it is the price. One would think that cordless models are probably less expensive but this is not always the case. Several standard countertop Waterpik models are cheaper than the Sonicare AirFloss and other portable water jets. While price is important, don’t discount a model before you’ve looked at the other issues, such as…

Convenience. What sort of lifestyle you have dictates the kind of the electric flosser you need. If you travel a lot or you have a small bathroom with no counter space, you shouldn’t purchase a bulky flosser. Another important factor that will determine the product you’ll buy is your personal dental needs. If you have complex dental work done, such as bridges, crowns, or if are wearing braces, you should go for appliances that provide you with orthodontic tips that can thoroughly clean around your dental work.

So when wondering which is the best electric flosser, it comes down to one’s personal needs. However, statistics show that the most popular model is the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser. It is a quite affordable countertop model that seems to cover most customers’ needs. It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, which is an amazing score if you consider the fact that it derives from an average of 5,400 reviews! About 5,000 customers are perfectly happy with their purchase, a fact suggesting that it is difficult to go wrong with this product.

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