ShowerBreeze w/ 6′ Hose Water Jet Dental Irrigator Review

OralBreeze is an excellent company, and we’re really happy to see that they’ve made our top 5 list not once, but twice (the other is the QuickBreeze, which is like the mini version of this unit). They’re an American company that is “Veteran owned and operated”. They offer lifetime warranties, and their customer service is legendary amongst customers, who rave about the hassle-free service they receive all the time.

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The ShowerBreeze is so simple to use, really easy to install, does the job, and allows for major convenience. There is a version with a 3 foot hose, but we really recommend getting the longer 6 foot hose just because it allows for maximum versatility. With this one, you can use it in the shower, as it is designed for, but because the hose is longer, you could stretch it out and use it over your bathroom sink, too, if you need to use it and it isn’t the right time to have a shower.

As mentioned, the point of this unit is for convenient use in the shower, to quicken your morning routine. You simply attach it to your showerhead and use an on and off valve to regulate the flow of water.

There are no fancy features to confuse you or clutter your bathroom. This is a simple unit made for one thing – to clean your teeth and to do it well. It comes with two tips, which either make it great for longevity (though that won’t matter thanks to the lifetime warranty), or perfect for a couple.

We found the simplicity and ease of use to be really nice compared to some of the other models with various buttons and switches and knobs. With this, there isn’t even any reservoir to fill up, obviously, as it takes water from the shower that you are likely already going to be having when using the ShowerBreeze.

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What really sold us on this was the way that the actual users of the product talked about it. On, for example, which we find to be an excellent and accurate way to judge a product’s quality and usefulness, reviewers have given it an incredible 4.6 out of 5 stars! That is tied for first in the review department in terms of water flossers. 73% of users gave it a perfect 5 star rating, too. Both of these numbers are amazing, and this dental irrigator does not disappoint.

If you’re looking for something simple, easy to use, but good at what it is supposed to do, you should certainly consider the ShowerBreeze option for your water flossing needs. It may be a bit different than any other model, but it will get the job done, and you just cannot beat the quality or the company!

Here’s a helpful link on how to install it on your showerhead.

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