ViaJet Pro Irrigator Review

Dental care professionals seem to view OraTec oral irrigators favorably as they are often recommended by dentists. ViaJet Pro is one of the most popular irrigators produced by OraTec. It is specifically designed for deep, subgingival irrigation. Its optional deep pocket attachment is an ultra slim tip that is long enough to reach under the gums and water floss down to the base of the deepest periodontal pocket.

At the same time, it offers all the benefits of standard oral irrigation. It can thoroughly clean all the tight spaces between teeth and under the gum line where a toothbrush and regular dental floss cannot reach. It removes bacteria causing plaque, as well as decaying food residue and debris before it develops into tartar. It massages the gums improving blood circulation, preventing gingivitis and periodontitis. It is suggested that everyday use of the ViaJet Pro irrigator is 50% more effective than toothbrushing alone, making it an essential tool for healthy teeth and gum maintenance.

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The popularity of the ViaJet Pro model among dentists is partially due to the fact that it is reliably constructed using the same water pump OraTec installs in models used by professionals, without raising the cost of the appliance. The unit supports any irrigation solution, besides solutions that can corrode plastic materials, though I’m not sure why you’d be putting that in your flosser to begin with! Together with a number of original features and a new exterior design, the unit is a high quality dental care instrument.

The unit comes very highly recommended for orthodontic patients wearing braces. It works great in removing particles of food lodged in those places that are hard to reach. It is also recommended for gingivitis and periodontitis patients as it reaches deep below the gum line with the use of the specialized attachment. This is an optional, long and ultra slim adaptor. The basic Interplak comes with a total of four tips, two standard and two rubber tips. They are color coded in order to be distinguished by family members. They can be stored in the transparent flip-top tip storage lid.

The unit also offers a fingertip handle control with an instant on/off button, as well as a slider which ensures precise water pressure control – offering anything from a full stream to dribble. The water pressure can be adjusted infinitely, with setting from high through low. That is, 1,200 water pulses per minute through a delicate spray for inflamed gums. The tip storage is conveniently placed over the reservoir. The reservoir has a 500 ml capacity and is almost break-proof. It has variable measuring lines for conveniently mixing water with antimicrobial agents and irrigation solutions.

To add to its practicality, the Interplak water flosser has a wall mount option saving valuable countertop space. On top of this, it has internal cord storage to avoid excess cord lying around.

The ViaJet has an incredible 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, with most of the people who bought and use it claiming that they are very happy with their purchase and they mostly comment on efficiency and durability.