QuickBreeze – Dental Oral Irrigator Review

OralBreeze is an outstanding company, and this one of two units that made it onto our Top 5 list. The other, the ShowerBreeze, is a much larger, more intense unit that fits on your showerhead. The QuickBreeze has a very similar concept, only it is hooked onto your standard bathroom sink faucet.

The company is Veteran owned and operated and is, of course, American. We found out that they have a hugely positive reputation amongst customers thanks to their lifetime warranty and amazing customer service. Time after time, we heard about the company sending two extra parts, rather than just the one that was requested, for example. They also are friendly, helpful, and make it a joy to deal with them. We are huge fans of the company due to these reasons, but it really helps that they actually make a great product, too!

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The QuickBreeze Oral Irrigator is very easy to install and even more simple to use. The company even says, “If you can turn on a faucet, you can have pink, healthy gums”. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Well, you attach the adaptor to your faucet, and then click the QuickBreeze valve into place, which is connected to the hose, which of course leads to the actual hand held ‘pik’. Simply turn on the water and you’re good to go! it’s so easy, that I think the company is right when they say that it’s so simple and quick that you will have no reason or excuse to miss a floss, unlike normal string-type dental floss.

This product comes with two different tips, so it’s great for one person for longevity, but works perfectly for a couple, as each person can have their own tip.

Users say that this is an incredibly well made unit that holds up for years. It’s quite different than having a rechargeable unit or a counter-top unit that takes up space and needs maintenance. Simply unclip this one when you’re done using it if you don’t want it taking up space under your faucet or on your counter, and it’s out of the way. The ease of installation makes this a real breeze.

>>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon.com<<

Keep in mind, too, that this is an ultra-quiet model, thanks to there being no motor or anything, like most of it’s competitors, particularly counter-top water flossers. If noise is an issue, this can be a great thing. Lots of the others can be rather noisy, and if you go to bed after others in your household, you don’t want to have to worry about waking them if you are going to do something as basic as flossing your teeth. Rest assured that this is quiet, but still gets the job done – just adjust the pressure with the tap and your silent flossing begins!

While it does not have many features or bells and whistles to talk about, we think the quality and the reviews speak for the product very well. Nearly 72% of users gave this a perfect 5 star rating, and overall it sits at a very good 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com. Go check it out, we really think you’ll be pleased you did.