Interplak Swj1 Sonic Water Jet Review

The Interplak All-In-One Sonic Water Jet System produced and released by Conair is a domestic dental health care unit especially designed to help improve and preserve oral hygiene easily and quickly. The system claims to be very effective in cleaning bacteria and plaque and removes food residue away from all the places a toothbrush or dental floss can’t reach: around implants, splints and crowns, removable and fixed bridges and any kind of orthodontic appliances, while at the same time gently massages the gums.

Together with the water pulsation feature, the Interplak Sonic Water Jet System is the first water flosser system to provide an efficient sonic brushing action that revolutionizes traditional teeth cleaning techniques. With sonic technology it has managed to include three practices to one single appliance:

  1. Gum massaging,
  2. Water flossing, and
  3. Brushing.

Its unique design aids the maintenance of immaculate oral health in a pleasant, quick and effective way. No matter how composite one’s oral hygiene is, no matter how high one’s needs are, the Interplak manufacturers state that it will get the job done, despite the potential complexity of one’s dental work. As a result, the Interplak water flosser prevents gum disease and gingivitis by flushing away harmful bacteria without any risk of injuring the gums.

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The All-In-One release of the Interplak water flosser comes with a full set of tip supplies, specialized for each practice it has to offer, as well as for different areas of the mouth. Two of those are exclusive to this particular water flosser unit. These are:

  • The water jet tip – removes plaque and food debris between the teeth
  • The subgingival tip – designed to clean below the gum line
  • The tongue cleaner – flushes away bacteria that build up on the surface of the tongue and helps freshen the breath
  • The soft finger massager – an exclusive tip to provide the best gum massage
  • 2 full size brush heads – another exclusive to have everything you need in one appliance

Other features that Interplak has to offer include a 7-setting water pressure control, from gentle to strong, so one may choose the desired setting. It has a reservoir of large capacity to avoid constant refilling. It has a pause control on the handle in addition to the on/off button, as well as a sonic button that controls vibration.

The Interplak differs from other products currently in the market as it offers complete dental care rather than being a supplementary tool. Its’ exclusive specialized tips (the massage and brushing heads) can be used with or without water. Thus, the 4,500 water pulsations can be combined with 12,000 sonic movements.

Dental care professionals recommend multiple daily practices to maintain oral hygiene. Engaging in all of them requires the purchase of many different products, raising the costs, taking much countertop space, and time. The All-In-One Interplak combines flossing, brushing and massaging, which makes it cost-effective and convenient. Interplak costs as much as most regular, full sized water flossers, if not less.

With about 175 reviews, users on Amazon are generally happy with the product even after extended use, and give it a solid 4 stars.